Survey Highlights Diverse Uses for The War Cry

The War Cry has for reaching deeper and further as it represents the advance of the Kingdom of God through its publications ministry.

A survey conducted in 2019 shows that The War Cry reaches diverse audiences and wide-ranging audiences and that the magazine (and related online content) is accessed through multiple points of contact. The magazine’s efforts to inform and educate about the mission and methods of The Salvation Army, to build disciples through spiritual and practical content on living out the faith and values of Christianity, and to spread the message of Salvation far and wide so the world may understand and respond to the love of God, shows it to be a useful tool for outreach, inspiration and personal growth. Survey results also indicate the potential The War Cry has for reaching deeper and further as it represents the advance of the Kingdom of God through its publications ministry.

The results incorporate answers from hundreds of individuals to multiple choice questions, and many offered instructive and revealing comments as well. We have included representative comments for pertinent questions.

Q1. How Do You Use The War Cry?


  • Read for enjoyment
  • Learn about the word and the gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Program ideas–senior care
  • Share it with my daughter
  • Pass on to other inmates
  • Personal tool
  • Ministry tool, discipleship, and group Bible studies
  • Ministry tool and outreach
  • Ministry tool, discipleship, evangelism
  • Outreach, Sunday school, friends
  • Read the stories and speak about them
  • Family Bible study
  • For guidance
  • All of the above, I love the many illustrations I find that relate tosermon preparation or help others understand a topic better
  • Personal enjoyment
  • Intro to The Salvation Army
  • As part of my own devotional
  • I use them to talk to unbelievers
  • Networking
  • Personally, love your work
  • Personal reading
  • Share w/ Salvation Army clients & at meetings
  • Personal Enlightenment
  • Group Bible studies and Sunday school
  • Personal growth
  • At County Jail
  • Study tool
  • Hear God’s word
  • Read, reflection, prayer
  • Awareness of TSA activities as Advisory Board Member
  • Information About TSA
  • Education and awareness
  • Faith Encouragement
  • Informing people about the work of The Salvation Army
  • To share the mission and inspirational news of TSA

Q2. What Kind of Content Do You Prefer?

Q3. How Do You Get The War Cry?

Q4. How Do You Prefer to Read The War Cry?

Q5. What is Your Ethnicity?

Q6. What is Your Gender?

Q7. Which Category Below Includes Your Age?

Q8. What Is Your Affiliation With The Army?


  • Student
  • Advisory Board Member
  • Wife of a soldier
  • Subscriber
  • My godfather served
  • Follower
  • Enthusiast
  • Soon to be Soldier
  • Mother of a Soldier
  • Friend
  • Emprendedor(entrepreneur)
  • Supporter
  • Officer’s Kid
  • We receive food fromthere.
  • My father was in themilitary
  • Person in nursing home
  • Cadet
  • Friend of Salvationist
  • student
  • Soldier and volunteer
  • Reader and would like tovolunteer
  • Cadet at CFOT
  • Adherent
  • Perspective Volunteer
  • Never been affiliated
  • Supporter
  • Independent self study
  • Niece of veterans
  • Just love the magazine
  • Fan since a child
  • Employee & soldier
  • Relative of a Salvation Army family
  • New follower of Christ 🙂
  • Attend services, husband is a Salvationist
  • Contributing Writer
  • Board member
  • Participate in Sunday band practice.
  • Neighbor
  • Church Member
  • Adherent
  • Advisory Board Member + Past Chair
  • Christian subscriber to War Cry
  • Shopper
  • Casual reader
  • Friend of the Army, donor
  • Born Again Christian- nondenominational

The War Cry recognizes the need to serve as a support for the Army in its frontline ministries by representing the essence of the organization’s mission. To that end leaders, staff members, writers, artists, distributors and most importantly, readers themselves, contribute to the ongoing commitment to achieving excellence through the printed and communicated word.