Mark 8:27-37: Mind

"Get behind me, Satan. You are not minded like God" by M. William Ury

Exploring Mark 8:27-37

I am uncovered. Amid the plagues of a virulent disease, floundering economies, political blaming and the old horrors of endemic racism and retributive vengeance, I am exposed to who I am. It is hard to face myself.

It must have been as humiliating for Peter. Standing there a proud, intellectual prowess before the One he thought he comprehended. Receiving a passing grade on bloodless theology, he fails profoundly when cross-talk emerges. He is so unlike the Son of God that he must endure the searing rebuke, “You are just like my enemy, the devil.”

I must go there again as well; judging from my suburban couch; casting aspersions on those who slash and burn. Or, I can ask Jesus to tell me who He is and who I am. Have I thought His thoughts? What is His perspective? How must I orient my life? One who walked with Jesus every hour could be minded like Satan. The disciples were trained racists. I am not one whit better. 

This may have been the most unnerving Pentecost Sunday I have ever experienced. A worship service of four after a night of fire and lurching mobs. Jesus’ answer? You need my mind. Without my breath, my wind, my fire and the Holy Spirit transforming your mind, you will never think or act like me offering love, justice, peace, forgiveness and hope.

It is only when we face who we are that full deliverance can come. The Army has remained committed to entire sanctification, and I know why. Unless Jesus can make His mind real in my actual life, then the only thing my religion does is make God in my image; self-protective idolatry. But He wants to imprint my heart and life with His cross-formed mind so that I can walk into a charred, broken world with His selfless love and reconciliation.


Spirit, Breathe the Mind of Jesus my Savior in me today. Amen.