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Make Sure It Is Readable

When God speaks to your heart – I would encourage you to write it down! by Major Keith J. Welch

Key Bible Verse:  “Then the Lord said to me, ‘Make a large signboard and clearly write this name on it.’” (Isaiah 8:1 NLT)

I arrived home to find a handwritten note from my daughter posted on my bedroom door. It informed me of an important time change and location of her conference track meet for that day. She also wrote her phone number in case I should have any additional questions.

I often handwrite notes to myself on Mondays as reminders of the things I hope to accomplish throughout the week. The witness is a checkmark next to an item indicating it has been completed.

Writing something on a piece of paper provides a memory aid, allowing for the recollection of an idea or plan before it gets lost in the reservoir of my mind.

God sometimes chooses His people to handwrite notes. What kind of things does God want me to write about? I believe God still instructs people to handwrite His notes to people. They may be notes concerning God’s warning, encouragement or promise.

One translation renders Isaiah 8:1 “write it in ordinary letters.” The writings must be in ordinary letters or language everyone can read and understand or else it will not be of much use to anyone.

Today, we benefit from the many varied writers who listened and took dictation from God as they wrote down His Word for us to read, enjoy and act upon many years later. Madeleine L’Engle wrote:

“If I can write things out I can see them.”

When God speaks to your heart – I would encourage you to write it down!