Fight for Good Podcast: 72: Major Ruth New

In a conversation with the Fight for Good team, Major Ruth Prieto New talks about writing, ministry and more.

With the January issue of The War Cry, we welcomed Major Ruth Prieto New, a third generation Salvationist, as the author of our series for Spanish speaking audiences. Her parents were Salvation Army officers in Cuba until their retirement in 2002. Ruth felt God’s calling to follow in her parent’s footsteps at the tender age of 10 and has dedicated most of her adult life to fulfilling that calling.

Before moving to the United States, Major New served in Jamaica, Cuba and Belize. Since arriving in the U.S., she has served in appointments in the southeast, including Florida, Georgia, Maryland and Texas. She and her husband Richard are the administrators of the Charlotte, NC Adult Rehabilitation Center and have two children, David and Lydia.

Major New holds a BA in Ministry from Nazarene Bible College and an MA in Organizational Leadership from Regent University. Ruth loves books, films, theater and playing board games.

In a conversation with the Fight for Good team, she talks about writing, ministry and more.

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