Delight – Psalms 37:4

In these uncertain times, we can truly delight in the certainty of God’s everlasting love. by Lt. Colonel Tim Foley

None of us woke up today and chose these circumstances we are currently facing. We are longing for the opportunities to be back in our house of worship with the people we love to journey within our faith. We greatly desire to be back in our workplaces to interact and be with the likeminded who join us in our cause. Though we find success working remotely we know it is far from the ideal.

We may find ourselves fretting and growing increasingly in frustration with each passing day. Bad news upon bad new compounded now with growing doubts of who to believe, what statistics are accurate and fixated on things we cannot change.

Thus, our reading from the Psalms today:

“Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desire of your heart.”

Psalms 37:4 NIV

The call here is to delight in God and bring all of our circumstances to Him. Regardless of what they are or how we feel about them. When we take delight in someone it means for us to experience joy in their presence. The concept of joy isn’t a fading feeling but comes from deep contentment in our hearts. We can delight in another when we truly know that person. When we delight ourselves in God, we know we can trust Him to provide what is best for us in our daily lives.

In these uncertain times, we can truly delight in the certainty of God’s everlasting love for us. May this week be filled with opportunities for you to trust completely and take delight in the One that will help you rise above all and any circumstances you may find yourself in.


“Lord, help me make sense of these circumstances. By my turning to you in these moments I will trust you once again and take delight in your great love for me.” Amen.

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